Quick Answer: How To Find Square Root Of A Variable?

How do you square a variable?

Squaring a number, or algebraic expression that contains a variable, means multiplying it by itself.

What are all the real square roots of 100?

List of Perfect Squares

97 9,409 9.849
98 9,604 9.899
99 9,801 9.950
100 10,000 10.000

What is the formula for squaring a building?

The calculation is based on the Pythagorean Theorem. Reduced to simple construction terms, it says that the foundation length squared plus the foundation width squared equals the foundation diagonal distance (opposite corner to opposite corner) squared.

How do you divide square roots?

Correct answer: When dividing square roots, we divide the numbers inside the radical. Simplify if necessary. Let’s simplify this even further by factoring out a.

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