Often asked: What Is X-axis In Math?

What is X axis and Y axis?

The x – axis and y – axis are axes in the Cartesian coordinate system. Together, they form a coordinate plane. The x – axis is usually the horizontal axis, while the y – axis is the vertical axis.

Which line is the X axis?

The horizontal axis is usually called the x-axis. The vertical axis is usually called the y-axis. The point where the x- and y-axis intersect is called the origin.

What is y axis on a graph?

A y – axis is the vertical axis on the Cartesian coordinate plane. A y – axis is the line on a graph that is drawn from bottom to top. This axis is parallel to which coordinates are measured. The numbers placed on the y – axis are called y -coordinates.

Is Y axis up or down?

X and Y Axis The left-right (horizontal) direction is commonly called X. The up – down (vertical) direction is commonly called Y.

What is another name for Y axis?

Also called axis of ordinates. (in a plane Cartesian coordinate system) the axis, usually vertical, along which the ordinate is measured and from which the abscissa is measured.

What is an example of Y-axis?

An example of an y – axis is the axis that runs up and down on a graph. A similar axis that is perpendicular to the x- axis and the z- axis of a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. The vertical (V), or nearest vertical, plane on a two- or three-dimensional grid, chart, or graph in a Cartesian coordinate system.

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Can I trust y axis?

Please don’t trust Y – Axis, They are no 1 fraudsters.

Which is the Y axis on a bar graph?

In most bar graphs, like the one above, the y – axis runs vertically (us and down). Sometimes bar graphs are made so that the bars are sideways like in the graph to the left. Then the y – axis is horizontal (flat).

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