FAQ: How To Determine Absolute Value?

What is the absolute value of – | – 6?

Explanation: The absolute value is defined as the distance from a number to 0, and so it is always positive. So, the absolute value of − 6 will be the distance from − 6 to 0 on the number line, and it is 6.

What is the absolute value of – | – 4?

Absolute (denoted by the vertical bars) means that everything between them is converted to non-negative. So |− 4 |= 4 and so is | 4 |= 4.

What is the absolute value of -| 8?

1 Answer. The absolute value of 8 is 8.

Can two numbers have the same absolute value?

Hence if domain is real number for each absolute value there are two different numbers one can have with same absolute value. However, if domain is Complex numbers, absolute value of a number a+bi is √a2+b2 and for each absolute value there could be infinite different numbers with same absolute value.

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What is the absolute value of 2?

If it’s a negative number that you’re trying to find the absolute value of, and there are no other terms attached to it, then the answer is the positive of that number. The same goes for positive numbers, except they stay positive. For example, the absolute value of -2 is 2, and the absolute value of 2 is also 2.

How do you type an absolute value symbol?

To graph absolute value, you can type ” abs ” or use pipe brackets (near the top right corner of most keyboards). You can also use the absolute value symbol in the Desmos keyboard.

Which number has the greatest absolute value?

Step-by-step explanation: Hence 21 is greatest absolute value.

What is the opposite of 4?

For example, the opposite of 4 is -4, or negative four. On a number line, 4 and -4 are both the same distance from 0, but they’re on opposite sides. This type of opposite is also called the additive inverse.

What is the difference between the absolute value of 4 and the absolute value of 3?

Answer Expert Verified Equation= | 4 | – |- 3 |=? absolute value of 4 is 4. absolute value of -3 is 3.

What is the absolute value of 3 2?

Explanation: Absolute value means using a modulus function which would turn any number inside of the function to a positive number. Since 32 is already positive, 32 is the absolute value of 32. If you were asked for the absolute value of − 32, it would be 32 too since the modulus function would turn − 32 to positive.

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What is the opposite of 8?

The opposite reciprocal of 8 would be -1/8. The fraction that is equal to the whole number 8 would be 8/1.

What is the absolute value of negative 8?

The opposite of a negative number is a positive number. 1) | 8 | The number enclosed within the absolute value bars is a nonnegative number so the first part of the definition applies. This part says that the absolute value of 8 is 8 itself.

How do you do absolute value inequalities?

Isolate the absolute value expression on the left side of the inequality. If the number on the other side of the inequality sign is negative, your equation either has no solution or all real numbers as solutions. Use the sign of each side of your inequality to decide which of these cases holds.

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