Geometry on

1st Grade geometry : Geometric shapes : square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, circle.

3rd Grade geometry : Lines, angles, parallelogram, types of triangles.

3rd Grade geometry : Spatial geometry, solids, vertices, edges, sides, solid patterns.

4th Grade geometry : Area of a figure, volum of a solid, lines of symetry.

5th Grade geometry : Quadrilaterals, circle.

6th Grade geometry : Angles, complementary angles, supplementary angles, sum of angles in a triangle.

7th Grade geometry : Remarkables lines of a triangle, inscribed circle, circumscribed circle.

7th Grade geometry : The Pytagorean theorem.

8th Grade geometry : The intercept theorem.

9th Grade geometry : Spatial geometry, parallel lines, orthogonal lines, intersections in space.

10th Grade geometry : Transformations of the plane, translation, rotation, symmetry, homothety.

11th Grade geometry : Spatial geometry, equation of a line in space, equation of a plane in space.